Hamer USA Cruise Bass w/2TEK Bridge

over 7 years ago
Hamer USA Cruise Bass w/2TEK Bridge
F Bass
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I have 4 Hamer Cruise Basses and as much as it pains me, decided to sell one off as I rarely play anymore. This one is from the last production year ('98), and has the highly sought after 2TEK bridge. The 2TEK has individual "tuning forks" that decouple the strings from syncopathic vibrations--there is much sustain and very little crosstalk between the strings. This is the 2nd Gen 2TEK and weighs far less than the original version. Bass weighs about 9 lbs (my estimate), and balances extremely well due to the robust bridge and the lightweight tuners.
Also, this is an extremely rare transparent green with matching headstock. From what I've been told, less than 10 were ever made in that color combination, so that should qualify as rare.
Pickups are passive Duncan vintage jazz types, and usual 3 knobs. White pearl pickguard, genuine Schaller (Germany) tuners, flawless maple neck with thick tight-grain rosewood board. Rarely played and still has original strings!
I should note that there are a few finish flaws if you look hard enough: 1 nick on the bottom of the body the size of an grain of rice, and 2 small dips in the clear finish behind the knobs that I could not photograph.
This bass cost nearly $1800 in 1998, and I never thought I would sell it. I think that $650 is more than fair due to the condition and rarity. A hard case (I think it is TKL) is included.
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