5881, 12ax7, 12ay7 tubes for sale

almost 2 years ago
Orlando Colom
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Florida, USA

I have a big collection of tubes, and I'm selling some.
All are well tested and as noted below.
1. Used pair of original
Tung-Sol 5881's. These are used but text at over 85% of new.
They will outlast any new tube and sounds a ton better.
$50.00 shipped
2 . Pair of
NOS sylvania 12ax7's. Great American tubes that blow away the new made tubes. These are in
white boxes.
$50.00 shipped
3 . NOS RCA black plate 12ax7 rebranded
Incredible tube that's hard to find these day in
new shape. In Fender Amps, this is it! Original box
$50.00 shipped
4. NOS Sylvania
12ax7. Another great tube that is miles ahead of the new tubes made today.
$45.00 shipped
5.NOS Tung-Sol 12ay7. If you have tweed fenders from the 50's this is the right tube for your amp. Incredible tone.
$40.00 shipped
6. 4 GE 12ay7'/6072. These are used but test like new. Again in tweeds these is the ticket. These are hard to find.
$20.00 each shipped
All tubes are well tested a fresh calibrated Hickok 6000a tester.