73 Fender Twin w/ 15 JBL M151 $800 Shipped

10 months ago
Alex Johnson
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Steel Guitar Forum
Texas, USA

This listing is for a 1973 Fender Twin Reverb.
It has been professionally modded by Clay Powers to be a dedicated Pedal Steel Guitar Amp. The mod is commonly referred to as a Steel King Mod.
The speaker is a 4ohm 15 JBL M151 (out of production) w/ Sovtek 6L6WXT tubes. Channel 1 is acting as a pot pedal impedance buffer (much like a Session 500). Reverb has been removed with an effects loop added in its place. The main channel has an active bright Switch with V T M & B, no master volume. The amp is running around 100 Watts. Also has 4 power inputs mounted in the back and a dedicated fan to keep the tubes cool for long outside gigs.
This amp is extremely loud and clean. One of the best Pedal Steel Amps Ive ever used I just dont need it anymore.
$800 S / I to the Lower 48
Thanks for looking!
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