Carvin X-100 watt tube amp $350

about 2 months ago
David Higginbotham
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Steel Guitar Forum
Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA

I've always been a huge fan of Carvin amps and have two. I need to part with this one to fund another purchase. It's 100 watts and a perfect double duty amp for steel and 6 string. 6L6 power tubes have very little time on them and very quiet but puts out enough volume to peel the paint off the walls. Lower power settings switch and impedance switch. Reverb is good but not fender good so I use a Zoom pedal for effects. The speaker in the amp belongs to a friend of mine and I was trying it out. The amp comes with the original Carvin speaker which sounds great. This amp is nearly mint condition and there weren't a great deal of these made in the black tolex with 6L6's. Pretty heavy amp tho like the weight of a Nashville 400 so I will split the shipping. Asking $350 plush half shipping.