Esquire Partscaster

about 1 year ago
Esquire Partscaster
John Sobczak
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Steel Guitar Forum
Ontario, Canada

A great sounding and looking Esquire Partscaster.
The main feature of this guitar is the Allparts fat neck which measures approx 1 inch thick for its entire length.
The back of the neck has had its finished removed and replaced with a slightly oiled finish for a nice smooth feel.
The fretboard radius is 9.5 inches and has regular sized frets. Vintage tuners with an aged patina complete the neck.
The body is swamp ash in the usual butterscotch finish in a low gloss sheen.
The body is of course routed for a neck pickup.
The pickguard is real bakelite as is the knob for the 3 way switch.
At the heart of this guitar is a Lollar Special Tele Pickup which measures 8K Ohms.
The guitar is wired with CTS pots and a Russian Paper-in-Oil .047 capacitor.
The wiring is:
Pickup straight to Jack-no volume or tone controls-the real sound of this pickup Pickup wired through the volume and tone pots-the usual tele sound The Eldred Mod which produces what is referred to as the Cocked-Wah tone
The guitar weighs approx 7.5 lbs
A real Fender shotgun case from the late 90s and early 2000s is included
$750 plus shipping