Fender 400 project grab bag

11 months ago
Fender 400 project grab bag
T. C. Furlong
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Vernon Hills, Illinois, USA

Here's a surprise package for the adventurous steel guitar enthusiast. I've had this for years and now I think it should go to a good home. Description: Fender 400 eight string pedal steel. Original brown case is in good shape. The original pickup is missing but there is a more modern eight string pickup that will fit perfectly (see photo). I am offering this as a grab bag. If you need parts, a case, it looks like it has a lot of original parts, if not close to all. Original blonde finish looks to have gone green on top. Four legs and three pedal rods are included as well as keyhead pan with keys, changer, cables etc. If you are courageous, you might want to restore this little gem.
I'll donate half of whatever I can get over $200 to the Forum. Buyer pays shipping. Email through the forum is best. Thanks for looking!