Fender amp covers

11 months ago
Ken Fox
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Steel Guitar Forum
Nashville, GA USA

Got 7 of these from a music store going out of business.
Were all piled up in a corner.
All were new at one tin=me in the store.
Been moved around and such so a few scratches maybe here and there.
All in all very nice covers
I will ship Priority Mail ($7.20 per item shipped, padded Flat Rate envelope) and cover PayPal fees.
Ain't getting rich on these but thought some of you guys might need a cover!
$22.00 each, total shipped.
I have a seven of these:
65 Deluxe Reverb
65 Princeton Reverb (cloth style on this one)
Hot Rod Deluxe (2 for sale)
Hot Rod Deville 212
(2 for sale)
Hot Rod Deville 410
These are packaged and ready to go.
I do not know what other amps they may or may not fit.
I do not know the measurements.
I am sure that info is online somewhere.
Please PM if you want one and I will send my PayPal account info to you.
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