Fender Custom Vibrasonic Amp $899 + actual shipping cost

9 months ago
Mark Perrodin
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Arizona, USA

$899 + buyer pays actual shipping cost only. Amp is in very good condition.
Bruce Zinky (former Fender amp designer) describing the 1995-1996 Fender Custom Vibrasonic Amp in his own words:
"It's a modified twin with a 15". STEEL channel is stock Twin, GUITAR channel is
like a Vibro-King or Tone Master channel.
Fender needed a good sounding, loud amp with a 15" that could be aimed at
guitarists or vintage style pedal steel players.
It has what I called at the time, the "Nashville" mods, which make
the power amp louder and clearer, compared to a Twin.
It's heavy, but cool. Fender made a lot of those in a very short time. The
factory figured out that the amp didn't cost much more than a Twin to make, but
sold for a whole lot more money,
and then built thousands of them to make their "Profit Center" look
good. Head of Fender freaked out and discontinued the amp....Which, of course, made them highly sought after as soon as they were no longer available."
"The Fender Amp Custom Shop is dedicated to creating high quality amplification to serve top artists and discriminating players. These amps offer no-compromise sound and performance with vintage appeal and bullet-proof construction. Of course, things like point-to-point wiring do not come cheap. To better serve those who cannot afford the 100% hand-wired custom amps, Fender has created the New Vintage Series, using modern production methods to reduce cost while keeping the tone custom." "In the spirit of all the great Vibrasonics of yesterday, we offer the Custom Vibrasonic of today. It is not a reissue of any of the old units, rather, it is a new amplifier designed for the multi-instrumentalist who requires versatility and clean power along with the classic Fender tube tone. It has 100 watts of tube power and 2 independent channels. And just like the Fender custom amps, the Custom Vibrasonic is painstakingly built, one at a time, by a select group of craftsmen at the Fender electronics factory in Lake Oswego, Oregon"."The speaker in the Custom Vibrasonic is an 15 inch Eminence ultrahigh power driver with exceptional sound and fidelity".