Leo Fender era USA G&L ($750)

11 months ago
Todd Blair
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Steel Guitar Forum
Richmond Virginia, USA

Im interested in parting ways with my 1990 G&L S-500. This is a USA model, from when Leo Fender was still in charge, before the company was sold to BBE. It has the treble and bass tone controls, desirable MFD pickups, and vibrato system with the original arm.
There is a chip on the lower E are of the nut, but it does not affect the string slot, and does not affect playability. The locking tuners are original, but the last time I got it set up, the tech said that two of the tuners dont lock the strings, but work fine as normal tuners. Finally, it comes with a TKL case, and will be carefully packed and insured.
I dont play Stratocaster style guitars much, anymore. And it seems silly to keep taking this guitar as a backup to shows. I will send any additional pictures, if requested, and will happily answer any questions.
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