Marrs/Fluger elec 8srg Dobro /price drop

10 months ago
Marrs/Fluger elec 8srg Dobro /price drop
Rich Gibson
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Steel Guitar Forum
Pittsburgh Pa.

Many of you are probably familiar with these.Marv Fluger and Duane Marrs colaborated on this next evolution of the legendary Marrs Cat Can Dobro Sim lap steel.
This still has the Cat Can under the bridge but also a complete preamp/Dobro sim/EQ built in.
I used this for about 3 years in a loud Coutry Rock band and it served
me well.No feedback issues and great Dobro sound especially in a band mix.Sounds very cool with some over drive as well.I just plugged it in to the other channel of my Fender Showman or Vibroverb and was good to go.You could also run it direct but I really like the sound through an amp.
There is some finish wear that I think just gives it a little vintage patina.I have not tried to clean it as its a matte finish and dont
know how it would react.
The body is solid but it doesnt weigh much.Very comfortable to play standing with a strap
and allows moving around the stage..
Comes with an excellent hard/soft case.
Check out the pictures and please feel free to ask questions etc.
These arent being made anymore and are fairly Rare especially as an 8 string.
Im asking 1375$ shipped