Matney B-Bender Tele Fender Telecaster Style Guitar - $500

12 months ago
Joseph Carlson
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
of the rod connector).

Selling a telecaster style parts-o-caster guitar with a Matney USA Bender. The bender is adjustable for spring tension with the thumbwheel nut in the back and for the stopping point with a 1/8" Allen wrench. It can also be set up as a short, medium, or long throw bender (just change the location of the rod connector).
Guitar has a very thin Butterscotch lacquer finish. Look closely at the pictures, there are some scratches on the back where the string ferrules are. This should be a fairly easy fix, or you can just live with it and call it a relic.
***Search Matney USA on YouTube or TDPRI for a review of Matney Custom Benders and to see what others have to say about Matney Benders***
If you look on ebay, it costs $599 to add a Matney bender to your existing guitar. For $500 you get the entire guitar, Fender licensed birdseye maple neck, electronics, tuners, etc.
Guitar does not come with a case.
Buy pays actual shipping.
Potentially interested in trades, trades plus cash, etc.

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