Zumsteel Stage One F/S or trade

10 months ago
Zumsteel Stage One F/S or trade
Alan Rudd
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Steel Guitar Forum
Ardmore, Oklahoma

Just got this Zumsteel in a trade, put new strings on it and adjusted the pedals and knee levers...KILLER!
Not even sure whether I want to sell it, but am certainly considering it...includes a seat with back and power strip.
Also have a Jeff Newman video and cassette, Bruce Bouton DVD, and several books...Winnie Winston, and a couple of Hal Leonard books, along with the Mel Bay E9 chord chart.
$1400 + shipping takes all...or trade...whatcha got?_________________Emmons D10 LeGrande SKH, Boss RV3, Goodrich L120, Fender Twin Custom 15, USA Fender Telecaster,(Anderson era)Schecter Strat, Fender Blues Jr., Marshall JCM 800 4212 combo. Lab Series L9.