Dekley D-10 8+4: $1500+

10 months ago
Dan Beller-McKenna
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Durham, New Hampshire, USA

Dekley D-10, 8 pedals, four knees (RKL operates on both necks).
Sperzel tuners. I picked this up in August as a reclamation project.
It played well and sounded great, but needed a good clean up, re-lube, and tweaking to the set up.
Every part underneath was removed and cleaned.
Several of the 8-32 3/16 set screws that hold the bell-cranks on the cross-shafts were stripped; these have all been replaced with
set screws, which are a bit easier to work with.
Changer and all moving parts were lubed with Tri-flow.
This is a late pre-slimline model: it has a triple-raise/double lower changer on C6 (per slimline), but double-raise/double lower on E9 (per the older Dekleys).
Probably from late 1979.
The original Dekley pickups sound fantastic.
E9 pickup (17.69 ohm) came that way; the C6 had a loose wire and was recently rewound by Tom Brantley (to 18.42 ohm).
Action is super smooth with firm stops and precise feel.
Great vintage tone with excellent string separation.
Cosmetically its in very good shape for its age.
Some little nicks and scrapes in the aluminum, but nothing major to speak of, glaring, or immediately noticeable. Like all Dekleys, it weighs a lot: this guitar is not for the faint-of-back.
Also, relatively large framed (a couple of inches longer than my Super Pro or Fessenden D-10).
But all of that mass gives it great sustain and a deep rich tone.
I have it set up to a fairly standard copedant on both necks:
The only downside on this steel is the case.
It is not the conventional Thomas case that Dekley used, but clearly the original case (given the exact fit of the bracing inside).
The lining is in good shape; some pulling away from the wood in the leg and pedal bar compartment, but not loose and floppy.
Outside, the latches, hinges, and handle hardware are quite rusted.
One latch (far left when facing the case) doesnt work at all.
If I were keeping this axe Id probably invest in a new case, but Ill leave that to the next owner (and I have priced it with this in mind).
If I kept it in this case, Id probably but a strap around it while it transit for peace of mind.
Includes (home-made?) blue denim leg and rod pouch.
I would REALLY like to avoid shipping this big boy.
I am willing to drive up to 100 miles to meet someone half-way to deliver it.
I will ship if someone really wants me too, but its going to be pretty expensive (Im guessing a little over $100).
$1500 plus shipping (if I must)