BRAND NEW G&L Savanah Collection ASAT Bass Guitar

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BRAND NEW G&L Savanah Collection ASAT Bass Guitar


Price: $2200

Seller: withinward

Available on:

Location: Korina


Up for sale is a G&L Savanah Collection ASAT Bass Guitar presented as NEW at a great deal. Through a miraculous set of circumstances, I wound up with 2 of these and one must go. The tone is amazing, producing the best mid-range definition I've heard to date out of a bass. Retail on this bass is $2200 and they are going for about $1650. Hard Case and all documentation is included. I will gladly answer any questions you may have. This bass is in perfect, from the factory condition. I will ship to the lower 48, if buyer pays for shipping.

Information per G&L:

"A Mahogany body and the G&L MFD? bass humbuckers are a delicious combination; in fact, the earliest L-2000s had Mahogany bodies for deep, warm tones. The Korina Collection of 2011 further explored the what the ASAT? Bass could do, bridging the gap between the depth of Mahogany and the focused midrange of Alder, a tasty destination where punchy funk and heavy rock riffs abound.

The Korina ASAT Bass was epic with its power and presence, but we never stop pushing the envelope. The Savannah ASAT Bass reimagines MFD tones with a combination of Okoume (a type of Equatorial Mahogany), and Korina. The resulting Savannah is our most exotic ASAT Bass yet, destined to resonate in ways no G&L bass has before.

G&L fans know the MFD humbuckers are very punchy, with their potent midrange. In the Savannah ASAT Bass, the soft, open grain of the semi-hollow Okoume body softens the attack and allows each note to bloom with a complex blend of up-front mids that transition into a thick bottom end.

The tight grain and high density of the Korina top is an ideal complement, enhancing the upper harmonics to keep note definition crisp and clear. The result is magic: the Savannah ASAT Bass comes alive in an incredibly airy, three-dimensional experience.

If there's one thing we've learned from all this, it's that Leo's innovative MFD humbuckers and Tri-Tone? control system can stretch further than he imagined. So it's up to us to push the envelope, and the Savannah ASAT Bass does it in spades."

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