FS G&L L-2000e/L2000 hybrid jazz bass wiring.

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FS G&L L-2000e/L2000 hybrid jazz bass wiring.


Price: $600

Seller: sanfordandsonny

Available on: http://www.talkbass.com

Location: Maryland


80's Mahogany body 90's mahogany neck no case or bag
No case. $600 shipped. Technically $500+overpriced ups store packaging and insurance. $100-minus actual shipping will be refunded to you.
1-11/16 nut,
Sizable repaired crack,
Missing one bridge screw and one battery screw.
I wired this up for VVT in series passive I can include a v1.0 or 1.1 pre amp and wire it in but ill have to wait to order a switch and if I was to do all that I would just consign it local.
I can post links to the original ads that these were pulled from.
I will sell the body alone for $99 shipped
I will sell the loaded body for $399 shipped
I would trade the neck for a three bolt maple bigger than 1.5"

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