GFI Expo X1 1650$ shipped to Your door.

10 months ago
Michael Meader
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Steel Guitar Forum
Michigan, USA

Hi Folks, I have a GFI Expo X1 E9th pedal steel.
3 pedals and 4 knee levers.
Typical Emmons set up with E's on the left knee levers.
Overall I would say that it is in very good condition....I have just been beginning to play, and got my eyeballs on another steel, thats the only reason for the sale.
Everything seems to work smoothly and as it should.
Comes with GeorgeL's EON pickup installed as well as original GFI pickup included in case.
Case is typial carpet covered case.
I have only had the steel a short period of time, but I am a smoker and I do have pets, they dont smoke though.....if you are super sensitive to such things.