GFI Ultra SD10 3+5 Local Pickup only

over 1 year ago
Robert Lashier
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Steel Guitar Forum
Arizona, USA

Love this steel, but I'm short of floor space and funds so thinning the herd. It's an indoor pet, only set up in my living room, and no smoke. Same with the previous owner. Action is solid and smooth, same with tuning gears, and holds tune great (what you would expect from a GFI). Standard Emmons setup (copedent attached) and I had Ron Pruter fine tune the works. No dings or scratches. Comes with the case pictured and both standard and long legs and pedal rods. Asking $1950 Paypal, local pickup only. I'm willing to drive a ways to meet you partway if that helps. Just don't want to subject such a nice axe to shipping trauma. Any questions reach out, always happy to talk with a fellow string bender. Donation to follow.