S10 Christmas Special

11 months ago
Marty Broussard
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Steel Guitar Forum
Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA

This is a project I dont have time to finish. It started as a Carter Starter and I did some upgrades.
I added and Emmons neck, a Fessenden changer, BL705 PuP, and routed the back of the body for future pedal/lever additions.
I mounted the neck and changer with washers in between them and the body and welded the nut to the neck. The guitar sounds and sustains in an awesome way. Im including an extra Emmons fretboard because the existing one is short of the nut.
I installed extra wide washers underneath the neck and did the tricks to make the left moving knee levers have a solid stop. The right moving levers are upgrades from the norm. I sweet blasted the endplate and went for the finish that GFI used on some of their guitars. I moved the jack from the bottom to the side. Look at the pics and youll notice that there is a return spring hole out of place on the endplate and the machining isnt perfect in a couple of places. It still needs to be rodded so Ill send them with the guitar. Also included is a case in almost new condition.
$1200.00 plus shipping and fees in the lower 48.
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