Guitar Parts and Accessories Bundle

12 months ago
Guitar Parts and Accessories Bundle
John Sobczak
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Steel Guitar Forum
Ontario, Canada

I am sure some of you can use these items. I want to sell it as one lot.
Levy's Cotton Guitar Strap with leather ends. In excellent condition and extends almost 6 feet.
Mylar Film Capacitor 3300pF 100 V
Oak Grigsby 3 way switch-has some solder on it but still functional
Tele type white Barrel switch tip
Strat type Amber switch tip
2 Metal Knobs-Push on type for split shaft pots.
One mini knob with set screw
2 string trees one round and one butterfly-with screws
An assortment of Gibson Type black and nickel pickguard screws(not pictured)
$35.00 shipped