Lazy River Weiss and Gibson Console Grande For Sale

12 months ago
Rick Abbott
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Steel Guitar Forum
Indiana, USA

I have decided to sell a couple of my guitars to fund a Martin D-35. I'll say up-front that my pictures are poor. I have acquired a tremor from a medicine I began two years ago. I could probably get better ones to email someone who really wanted them. My feet are not for sale.
First is a Lazy River Weissenborn. It is flat-sawed, 40 year old, Koa. It's very nice! The fretboard is flamed Koa with bleached maple frets, the binding is Cocobolo. Has OHSC and I'm including a Jerry Bird model Tribo-Tone bar. I paid $1775, I'll sell it for $1300, shipped CONUS.
Second is a 1954 Gibson Console Grand. It's in nice shape, a few scrapes and dings, nothing terrible. Pickups are strong and balanced. Case is trashed. The leg-sockets need epoxied, but hold the guitar ok, just wobble some until moved into optimum position. It has been professionally routed (probably in Nashville in the early 60's) for a changer with 2 pedals. All included. I have not attempted to set the changer up. Chris Lucker mentioned this changer, but I cannot find his quote on who built them. They were done for several people.
$1050 shipped CONUS
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