Gretsch "MONKEES" Copy

over 3 years ago
Gretsch "MONKEES" Copy
Jerry Van Hoose
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A few years ago, I had the opportunity to play about 14 solo dates, consisting of about 45 minutes each, with the late, Davy Jones of "The Monkees". (Yes, I am originally a rocker from the 60's, ha) Whenever I auditioned, I used my original "1967 Gretsch Monkees" guitar. I knew and could play his songs but whenever I showed up with an original "Monkees Grestch", it nonetheless garnered attention. I got the gig but had second thoughts about using my original guitar on the tour. (It was a cruise) So, I contacted a good friend in Corona, CA, that suggested he take a partially unfinished Electromatic Body and neck and install the remaining hardware and electronics from the Gretsch Custom shop at his home. This is the guitar that I used on those dates. I kept it in a Red Dirt flight case during the tour and I'm the only person to have ever handled the guitar except of course, the builder. All parts are either original Gretsch or created by the custom shop, no after parts whatsoever although some were difficult to locate. He declined using "brads" or screws in the model name plate, citing that many of those particular models of guitars keyheads were found to have later split and cracked with age. I don't know how it is attached but has held up fine during the years. Please note: my Red Dirt flight case is not included. I'm keeping it for my original guitar, however, I'll purchase a new hardshell, Gretsch, plush lined case suitable for shipping and use. The guitar was "set up", intonation set by the same custom shop luthier that built the guitar for me. It has always been in a smoke free environment and hasn't any scratches or flaws whatsoever. I turned my belt buckle to the side and never "missed" the jack whenever I plugged it in. I've been very particular with this guitar as with all of my other instruments. It plays and sounds as good or better than my original. The only reason that I'm selling is because I have pretty much retired and lost interest in playing altogether. Photos, recent, taken yesterday. Please feel free to email, PM or post any questions. $1,850 (much more invested) insured and shipped, lower 48. Once again, please note: this is a copy. Thank you for your consideration.