1970/71 Guild M75 Hollow Body ( Handyman Special). qq

almost 2 years ago
Orlando Colom
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Steel Guitar Forum
Florida, USA

Here is a beautiful vintage Guild Bluesbird /M75. This is the hollow body model, and as the pics show, it's clean and some nice flame. The body and electronics are 100% original. Now for the bad news. The neck was broken badly somewhere along the line. It was repiaired,
but the headstock and part of the neck were redone. Also the truss rod
Need replacing as it snapped at the nut. The guitar plays fine as a guitar till the 13 th fret, but after it frets out as the neck is bowed a little. This is a killer slide axe or someone can pop the board , and put a new rod in it. I don't want to do it , thus the sale.
This guitar would be 2500 all day long iifnthe neck was perfect. Someone can watch it as slide axe or project for what I have in it.
$850.00 shipped gets it. It has no case, but I'll find one to ship it in
This is a great deal on a really nice guitar for someone not afraid to get it done, or
play it as it is.
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