1974 ShoBud Professional D10 8p/5k

over 1 year ago
1974 ShoBud Professional D10 8p/5k
Luke Sullivan
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Yosemite,CA, USA

For Sale is my ShoBud The Professional D-10 pedal steel guitar. Round front, wide pedals, lacquer finish. Made in 1974, it has 8 pedals and 5 teardrop knee levers. The second LKL lever operates the back neck. The guitar plays nicely and the tobacco brown finish has a few bar dings, but no substantial blemishes. The undercarriage is the rack and barrel style; very easy to change tuning setup. I have attached 3/4 PVC spacers to the front legs, at the pedal bar, to keep the guitar at a firm height to match pedal rod length.
Pickup on the C6 neck appears to be BL710, E9 has original pickup. Both sound great. Plastic cap on toggle switch is missing. Original case protects well but has damage, from rough handling, at one end where a wheel had been mounted. Bank check or paypal $1700. plus $150. shipping from here in California to contiguous USA States. I will pack it with padding outside the case as well as inside. Email for info.
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