Hohner G-910 (HG-910) - Arbor Series - Japan

almost 6 years ago
F/S  Hohner G-910 (HG-910) - Arbor Series - Japan
Doc JC
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Late 70s / early 80s Hohner Arbor Series, made in Japan.
Many of you are familiar with this line, and they've been discussed in the forum a few times.
This particular example is made of figured ovangkol & a solid spruce top.
I've never quite been sure if these are solid back & sides:
I've heard they can be either, depending on when they were built.
For this ad, I'll assume they're laminated.
That said, this sounds as nice as many solid wood guitars I've played.
Construction is beautiful.
Maple bindings all around, maple inlaid Hohner logo on the headstock, maple dot fretboard inlay & heelcap.
Cool mosaic purfling around the soundhole & top, and straddling a thin mahogany (?) back strip.
Cosmetically very nice.
A few age-appropriate character marks on the top lacquer... very slight wear around the sondhole.
Nothing serious.
Great vintage mojo.
I bought this a few weeks ago, and have decided to sell it for a couple of reasons.
It has a v-neck, which I didn't realize.
I prefer a lower profile.
Also, the person I bought it from didn't mention, or didn't realize, that it needs a neck re-set.
It's very playable, and the action is okay, but the saddle is almost gone.
It sounds really nice as it is, even with practically no break angle.
If the neck were re-set, and a new saddle installed, this would sound amazing.
It's just more than I want to put into it.
The price is $500, shipped to the lower 48.
That's what I have in it.
Happy to answer questions.
Thanks for looking.