EMG Select P-Bass Pickups

12 months ago
Jack Stoner
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Inverness, Fl

As new EMG Select P-Bass Pickups.
These were bought for an Ibanez Blazer Bass (P-Bass copy). Tried them but didn't like the fit in the Ibanez.
Here is the description:
Hi-Z. Low noise. Pure power.
Smooth, warm response of the split pickup for P-Bass.. Screws and shielded wire included.
Wide bandwidth, high output
Blade polepieces for uniform string-to-string response
Each Select pickup is shielded and epoxy-sealed for low noise and microphonic-free performance. State-of-the-art sound at affordable prices! Note: these are not "active" pickups and do not require batteries.
Split P-Bass pickup 8.1K ohm
Dimensions: 2-3/16" x 1-1/16" x 3/4" (55.56mm x 26.99mm x 19.05mm)
The internal bar polepiece is 1-1/2" (38.10mm) long.
Wiring: These pickups feature a shielded 2-conductor output wire. White is the hot output, black is ground.
Price: $30 including USPS shipping in US. I can take PayPal (add 3% or use send friend money).
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