Justice Pro-Lite like new $2000.00 Shipped

10 months ago
Justice Pro-Lite like new $2000.00 Shipped
Rod Acuff
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Virginia, USA

I am afraid I am going to have to get rid of some guitars I really don't want to but health reasons are forcing that. I have my Justice Pro-Lite in a mint ripple I believe is the color. I had Fred make this for me last year. Since then it has been played a handful of times. Due to hand problems that won't go away..at least not for a while I decided to sell. It is a beautiful steel and plays smooth. It is probably as close to new as you can get. Emmons setup. 3x4.
I also will have a brand new not even shipped yet Mullen G2 Brushed Aluminum SD-10. I was paying for this steel for a
good friend of mine it was for his son. Guess what.. the son doesn't want to play steel anymore..I don't know why he is very good. Anyway that will be for sale in the coming weeks. Mullen is getting ready to ship it soon
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Rod Acuff