Fulawka S-10 5-8 E9

11 months ago
Duane Keiper
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Niagara Falls, New York

It is a E-9, with No. 1 pedal (franklin), 2,3, and 4 are now the A, B, C pedals. LKL Raises E's, LKV Lowers B's, LKR Raises 1 and 2, RKL lowers E's, RKR lowers 2nd string, RK-Uni lowers 8 and 9 to B and Ab. Changing pulls, etc, is easier than most, bell cranks are slotted to fit over square cross shafts, and has triple raise and triple lower.
This guitar comes with Ed's custom made hard case, and His volume pedal.
asking $4,000 plus shipping
Ed Fulawka built this guitar for Lonnie Portwood and originally was a S-12 Universal, with 5 knee levers and 7 pedals. It was made in 1998/99. Later Lonnie had Ed add the "Franklin" pedal, and in 2010, after ten years of Lonnie not getting used to the spacing on the 12 set-up, Lonnie had Ed change it back to a 10 string.
Since it had 8 pedals now, Lonnie thought, He'd like to keep as much of the B-6 moves as possible, so he conferred with Randy Smith, who he met at Seymour's shop in Nashville, Carl Dixon, David Jackson, Bill Stafford,and several others before arriving at the current set-up.