JB Frypan w/case EC $1000 shipped

over 1 year ago
Larry Lenhart
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Ponca City, Oklahoma

This is a very nice JB Frypan steel that I rarely play and someone would enjoy it I am sure.
I know nothing about these steels, but I hope the pictures tell the story and perhaps someone can chime in who is more knowledgeable than I am.
I can change the heading of the ad if I am misleading any one.
(A good friend of mine has one very similar to this and states that it was made by Shot Jackson ?
I cant attest to that personally.)
The pickup, tone, volume control all function as they should with no scratchiness.
The case is in EC as well.
The stand is NOT included in the deal.
I will ship to lower 48 only.
Thanks for looking...I am only selling this as I have decided to stay with just my Clinesmith S8 and my Rickenbacker console.
Feel free to ask more questions or request more pictures.
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