1987 Mullen Lacquer Universal 12 Pedal Steel 5/8 Like New

10 months ago
James Tyler
Alan Simon
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Steel Guitar Forum
Tennessee, USA

Reluctantly decided to sell my totally restored 1987 PRP Mullen Lacquer Universal 12.
It has been taken apart and all metal work cleaned and polished. The black anodized pedals and knee levers were sanded and polished. I made the two knee lever paddles. The changer was cleaned and lubed. The wooden body was stripped and re-finished by Southbound Guitars (Southbound does the finish work on ShoPro guitars) here in Nashville to perfect condition The rods were installed and the guitar was set up by Tyler Hall at Steel Guitars of Nashville. The wrist pad was custom made for the guitar. Will come with a custom fit cover. The pickup is original to the guitar and this guitar plays and sounds great as a Mullen should. The changer is a 3up/2down. The original case is in excellent condition and very sturdy.
I will include the receipts from Southbound Guitars and Steel Guitar of Nashville with guitar.
$3000.00 plus shipping is the price.
If possible, I would rather someone pick it up but I will ship.
If interested, please use my email address.
Thanks, Alan