Webb 614-E

over 3 years ago
Webb 614-E
Jim Cooley
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Steel Guitar Forum
The 'Ville, Texas, USA

This is a first issue Webb 614-E. I bought the amp from a forum member who had it re-Tolexed by Rick Johnson. I contacted Rick; he verified that he did the work. The Tolex is in great condition. The amp has an original 4 Ohm JBL K130 speaker, remote reverb control, and a D2F cover.
I wasn't crazy abut the reverb after I played through the amp a few times. The reverb tank was the not original two spring, long tail tank, although it was a generic Accutronics replacement. I couldn't locate any original or aftermarket replacement tanks matching the exact original specs. I replaced it with a Mod brand medium tail, three spring tank. It is intended for vertical mounting rather than horizontal mounting, but it works fine. The remote reverb might have a little occasional static in the pot, but it seems to smooth out after you rotate it a few times. I think it's just from lack of use, since I don't use the remote. I know of no other issues with the amp.
I have $1,045 in the amp. That's my firm selling price including the D2F cover, remote reverb control, both reverb tanks, and shipping to the lower 48 states. Feel free to contact me with any questions.
Hey, mister, how do you pedal that thing anyway?
A couple of steels, amps, an effect unit or two, a couple of other doohickeys, thingamajigs, and an open mind.