Ca. 1940 Gretsch Artist 7-string lap steel

over 3 years ago
Ca. 1940 Gretsch Artist 7-string lap steel
Noah Miller
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Rocky Hill, CT

You know the drill: see something shiny, sell something else to pay for it... the usual.
This steel was built for Gretsch by Kay somewhere around 1939-1942. It's typical of other Kay-built steels, except that this is the only 7-string model I know of that Kay built. The pickup is the same as a number of Oahu-branded steels I've seen from that period.
The bad news is that there's lots of finish wear all around, and the pots and tone cap are modern replacements. The good news is that there is no structural damage or repairs, and the pickup itself appears to be all original. The controls work fine and the instrument doesn't need any work. It comes with an old hard case (I'm not sure if it's original or not).
Asking $350 including Paypal fees and shipping in the continental US. the obscure side of vintage instruments.