Zum Sd-10

11 months ago
Zum Sd-10
Ken Smith
Darrell Owens
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Steel Guitar Forum
California, USA

This SD-10 ZUM is up for sale, a rare opportunity to own an amazing guitar. Originally built for Jack Smith. This ZUM has been played on the Grand Old Opry as well as so many concerts and sessions. This was Jack's preferred guitar. It has 4 floor pedals and 6 knee levers.
Tammi Smith posted it in another post, but here we have a few more detail photos. The price is $4,000 plus shipping. My only interest here is to help Tammi get Some better photos up so anyone interested can see what a great guitar this is.
You can call or text me at 714-768-2606,and I will answer any questions you may have.
Or you may call Tammi direct at 360-929-0559.
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Darrell Owens