Couple of Lap Steels

10 months ago
Skip Ellis
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Steel Guitar Forum
Bradenton, Fl USA

I built a couple more of these and they will be the last unless I can come up with a different design that's easier to build. These two are made of solid ash and have humbucking pickups, volume, tone, and decent enclosed tuners. Brass saddle and nut and 22.5" scale. Tuned to C6th. Finished with wipe on poly and there are some glue spots that I missed where the stain didn't take but overall they look and sound pretty good. Due to the 'not so great' finish, I'm only asking $150.00 each plus shipping or I'll sell 'em both for $275.00 plus shipping. Good backup steel for your car trunk or for a student, maybe. PM me your info and I'll figure out the shipping.
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