Variax 700 -- Line 6 4-string bass guitar

almost 8 years ago
FS:Variax 700 -- Line 6 4-string bass guitar
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I've decided to sell my Line 6 Variax bass. I'm ready for something new.
This bass has an black alder body with the swirly silver pickguard, jazz style neck with rosewood fingerboard.
I've updated it to the latest firmware version.
For those that aren't familiar this is a bass with the Line 6 bass models built-in.
It has 24 bass models. Web search should fill you in on the details.
I'm the original owner but it's been gigged pretty regularly so there is some player wear.
It is presently setup with a low action and it's got a good neck.
The pictures show flats on it but I have roundwounds on it now.
Flats or rounds don't seem to affect the sound much since the tone and even the sustain is all modeled.
The bass models (24 of them) all sound pretty fantastic.
The acoustic models aren't too convincing by themselves but sound ok in a mix.
The synth bass sounds are very cool if you need that sort of thing and there is never a tracking issue like there would be with an external unit.
The 8 and 12 strings models are very cool.
I bought it for the Rickenbacker models and they seem convincing to me in a mix.
It is powered either by six AA batteries (adds 1/2lb) or through a stereo cable or through a Variax modular cable. It comes with the Line6 power supply and direct box. That box needs a stereo 1/4" cable to supply power.
My stereo cable went kaput so I use a Variax cable and power it from my Line6 X3-Live.
The Line6 X3-Live is not included in this sale so you'll need to supply a stereo cable or use batteries.
I will include the 20 foot Variax cable for an extra $15 but you'll need a Variax pedalboard or amp to use it with the bass.
If you already have a Line6 pedalboard to use with the Variax I highly recommend it as you can set the many options as patches in the board and it will set the instrument models as required with every patch change.
The bass is in good cosmetic shape with the exception of a couple of dings through the finish that I assume occurred while hanging on the wall in the shop before I purchased.
One is beside the strap button and a scrape through the paint on the upper bout on the back side.
Neither are visible from the front and both are pictured in the link below.
The pickguard bulges a hair up by the fingerboard and is a handy place to store a pick.
I'm just mentioning in case that sort of thing bugs you for full disclosure.
The Line6 fitted bag that it came with is nicely padded but the metal clip that attaches the shoulder strap to the bottom of the D-ring on the bag broke so it is currently duct-taped to the bottom ring (handy mans secret weapon).
That has held pretty well but you may wish to use a carabiner or something more substantial than tape for the strap.
There are detailed pics at
Price is $430 shipped within continental US.