Line 6 Variax 700 with Bass Pod XT Live and cable

over 6 years ago
Line 6 Variax 700 with Bass Pod XT Live and cable
Line 6
Scobby Bott
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Pottstown, PA

The bass is the four-string model, in black finish, with a rosewood fretboard and bluish-gray pearloid pickguard. It's in good condition. Swirling on the front is very light; enough to be invisible with a regular polishing. There is a decent amount of belt-buckle scuffing on the back, but no deep scratches, nor dings, dents or chips. There is a single shallow scratch in the wood of the 10th fret, otherwise the board is clean and healthy, and the frets are as well. The neck itself is straight and clean. The headstock is free of dents or chips, but the back of it has a small black smudge in the finish, which appears to be from when the Line 6 logo was applied. The the pickguard is slightly warped (not quite flat). I suspect this is due to the screws being over-tightened when it was serviced. I loosened them a bit, but it hasn't resolved itself. The strings on it are D'Addario, but old and will probably need replacing. I probably make it sound worse than it is, but I wanted to be thorough. The thing still looks and plays great, and is in perfect electronic and sonic condition. I bought this new about six years ago and have been its only player, using it in my smoke-free home, or in the studio. It includes everything it originally came with: original Line 6 gig bag (clean), power supply, XPS-DI direct box, Planet Waves TRS stereo cable, manual, AA battery adapter, and allen wrenches.
The Bass Pod XT Live includes the Variax digital interface cable. With it, the Pod is able to power the bass in place of the XPS box or batteries, and also allows you to program specific effects/amp channels to correspond to a certain instrument model on the Variax, so you don't have to change both manually. It's in perfect condition. The display is clear, the jacks are tight, and the knobs are free of slag. The only thing that shows any sign of wear is the user's manual which has been flipped through quite a few times. As with the Variax, the POD includes everything that would come with it new: original line 6 bag, power supply, manual, and USB cable. Software, updates and tones are available to download for free on Line 6's website. The Variax digital interface cable I bought new, and has been kept in equally good condition.
I'm asking for $600 shipped within the ConUS, OBO. Please, see the G.A.S. List in my profile for trade bait. Really not interested in much else.
Hopefully I've covered everything, but please let me know if you have any questions. I'm not sure why the pictures posted here came through a bit distorted, but if you'd like to see them in full resolution, PM me and I can e-mail them to you.