For Sale THE booteek pedal purge(Origin Effects,Pigtronix,Darkglass...)Reasonable offers welcome!

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Hey all,
I gots WAY too much stuffs! Like many that have come before me, I bought more pedals than I could have ever needed. Now, I have gigged quite a few of the upcoming offerings, but there's a good many of them that have never left the house and still a few more that got plugged in, turned on, and never used, and there's at least one or two that may have made it out of the box, but that's it.
I'm on a YUUGE downsizing kick right now, so, to that end, my pedalboard had to go under the knife(It was one of the heavier things I was schlepping to gigs...). So, I bought a Fractal Audio FX-8, which covered 94% of what was on my board, grabbed what I needed to gig off the board, and picked out 2 or 3 pedals that I'm keeping no matter what. What's left is the expendables, and that's what I've got for your viewing pleasure. Everything works perfectly and I should have boxes for almost everything. I will say that almost nothing has the original feet and almost everything has velcro or dual-lock.
I've got one big pic, but I will send you more pics if ya' want. All prices are in USD, include shipping, and PayPal is welcome. Not really interested in trades(I certainly don't need any more pedals, LOL!). If ya' see something you're interested in, hit me up, I'm a reasonable guy...
Here we go...
Eventide: I've only had these since 2/17. I'll de-register them upon sale.
H9 Max-$575SOLD
H9 Core-$325SOLD
Strymon: I love this pedal. I don't need this pedal.
Origin Effects:This is a FANTASTIC compressor. I have another, equally good, comp.
Cali76 CB-$310 OBO
Pigtronix:These were some of the bought, plugged in, never used. I don't need delay.
Echolution Ultra Pro-$350 OBO
Infinity Looper-$350 OBO
Iron Ether:I.E. pedals are PHENOMENAL, I just don't need them, and I got a bunch...
Xerograph Deluxe-$175SOLD
QF2 Copper-$200 OBO
Source Audio:This is a tough one, because I really LOVE S.A...I just don't need this stuff.
Gemini Chorus-$100
Lunar Phaser-$100SOLD
Plus, I have, completely unused, sitting in the boxes they came in...
And I have the pedal that got opened, plugged in, tried to mount it, couldn't, gave up...
Just the Source Audio stuff would make a KILLA' board! Think about it...
Darkglass: Love it. Don't need it.
Vintage Ultra-$305 OBO
Creation Audio Labs:This is also a hard one. These are REALLY good. Just don't need 'em.
Holy Fire(9v)-$150Broughton Audio:Awesome tool, my amp and my preamps all have an HPF.
Earthquaker Devices:Love it. Don't need it.
Grand Orbiter-$125
Cog Effects:Super cute. Super effective. Might keep it.
MXR:Same as the Darkglass...
Loopmaster:Great loop switcher, but I still have my Boss ES-8.
7-Loop Switcher w/tuner out(always onOne Control:Same as the Loopmaster, but not beat up.
Iguana Tail Loop 2-$125
Electro-Harmonix:Great pedals, but I don't need 'em.
Switchblade Plus-$25. It's an ABY box that really shines if you're doing a Royal Blood-style setup. SOLD
TC Electronicson't need it.
If anyone wants/needs/desires a MIDI quad splitter, the Quadra-Thru is $25.SOLD
I'm tired now. Hit me up if you gots questions. Thanks!