For Sale/Trade Disaster Area 15v converter, free case

about 3 years ago
For Sale/Trade Disaster Area 15v converter, free case
Dark Barn
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Couple odds and ends.
Disaster Area DVC-18 - SOLD
Disaster Area DVC-15 - $30
Voltage converter, 15v. Unused. Includes a free power cable I purchased because my Cioks RCA connectors did not fit the outputs on the DVCs.
One Control Mosquite Blender - $75 SOLD
Excellent, Velcro, no original box but yeah I'll put it in a little box for you, because I like you.
Line 6 EX-1 expression pedal - $35 SOLD
Excellent, box.
Special attention Eventide H9 owners, this is the one you want if you want to use a TRS Y cable for connecting an expression pedal and auxiliary button to the expression port. 25k ohm pot with TS cable.
PT-Pro soft case (case only) - free, you pick up
In Seattle. Free case bitches.
Price includes shipping anywhere in the USA. Shipping elsewhere is negotiable, get in touch.
Trades +/- cash as needed
Infanem Second Voice Deluxe
Mountainking Electronics Decomposer new 2 knob version!
LAL Tone Axe
LAL 88 Super Oscillo
LAL Lluna
EHX Ravish Sitar
I have long wanted a Xerograph with a fancy finish, I have an old plain one. I *might* be tempted to make a trade for a pretty one but, I've seen some that I loved and others that didn't impress as much, I might say no.
No other trades please.