Parts for Sale

almost 3 years ago
Parts for Sale
John Sobczak
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Steel Guitar Forum
Ontario, Canada

Gotoh Antique Gold Strap Pins-satin finish which will not tarnish
Black Martin Pickguard removed from my 2009 D-18-in very good condition however you will need some adhesive
Stewart MacDonald No Jack End Pin-Ebony
Replace your strap jack with our unique NoJak endpin and restore the traditional look.
No woodworking, gluing, plugging, redrilling or reamingthe NoJak endpin fits the same 1/2"-diameter hole. The Allen-adjustable expansion sleeve gives a secure fit. And if you ever decide to plug in again, swapping back to your strap jack is no big deal.
The pin slides into the 3/4"-long plastic expansion sleeve, and adjusts from inside the guitar with the supplied black metal screw.
$20.00 shipped