Assort. picks - JF, Acri, Old 97, ProPik - Forum Donation

about 2 years ago
Michael Kelly
Joseph Carlson
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Steel Guitar Forum
Grass Valley, California, USA

Well, after trying every kind of picks I could get my hands on I finally settled on Perfect Touch Finger Picks and Fred Kelly Speed picks on the thumb.
Figured I'd give someone else a chance to try an assortment of picks on the cheap.
Donate $25 to our fine forum and I will ship a whole mess of various picks to you anywhere in the US.
Included are Old 97 picks, some of the much sought after JF stamped picks, some Acri picks, and a bunch of Dunlops and Propiks.
AS you can see from the pictures, I have marked some of picks with fingernail polish to indicate 1st or 2nd finger.
Would probably come right off with nail polish remover if you were so inclined.