For Sale Modulus Bassstar, ca1989, rare, very good condition

almost 3 years ago
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The neck is a pre-lawsuit headstockjust like Fender, but says Modulus.
1.5 jazz width neck, roughly like the Warmoth slim taper neck in terms of thickness
24 frets, but you'll need to use thumb position to hit the top 3 or so; the body is a P-bass style body
Upgraded the tuners to Hipshot ultralites, with double-stop D-tuner.
Alder body, quilted maple top, transparent red finish. Hard for me to photographit is a very striking looking bass.
EMG P-J setup, BQC circuit, and I upgraded it to 18v, gives a more open sound.
Dunlop dual design strap locks (body section only), also added by me
High mass bridge
Dean Markley Blue Steel strings 45-105.
Set up for me. You may want to set it up differently.
9.2# on my digital scale
Condition is very good, with a couple marks as pictured below.
No truss rod, but neck is in good shape and it had fretwork done in summer 2014.
This was my main bass for quite awhile. It plays wonderfully, can achieve low action if you want that, and has a little less of the twang that came to characterize later Modulus necks. There is one ding in the side (pictured below). Ships in HSC, but I have no idea if its the original case.
Bassstars were apparently made in several different ways.
The neck has a slightly smaller end than a standard Fender neck, and the body was made to fit it exactly, so it was conceived as a single instrument, but I can't say anything else on the provenance of the body.
Price is USD; I will entertain reasonable offers.
Canada post standard shipping and insurance to Canada or US is included in pricesbuyers in other countries contact me for a quote. I ship from Canada, which means if there are customs, duties or taxes in your country, you are responsible as the buyer.
No trade interests as of now except for used Eventide H9 core.
Tire-kicking is fine, I know how it goes.
You can make an offer as long as you're not offended if I reject it.
Polydactyl cat not included.

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