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Sierra Session S-12 (12/7/5) Great steel guitar looking for a good home. The guitar comes with travel case, three slide in pickups, and misc pieces. Currently setup in the Robert Randolph Tuning. Asking for $2,500 plus shipping. Any questions or offer please Pm or email. _________________Pre RP Mullen UNI 12 7X5,...
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Mullen G2 SD10 (2014) 4x5 $3400.00 Guitar is like New. Its plays amazingly smooth and effortlessly. 4 pedals 5 knees. 4th pedal(franklin Lower 5,6, and 10) was added after pictures were taken. Emmon's setup. Pickup was changed back to Mullen Single coil. The Pad was recovered in a tooled western vinyl. Selling to fund anot...
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Mullen SD-10 (White) When Del Mullen created his Royal Precision guitars, that is exactly what he did. This Mullen is as precision as it gets. The tuning stays dead on the money. All pedals and knees are precise. Very nice tension. This will make some lucky fellow extremely happy. I bought this guitar from Mike Manty...
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Quilter Steelaire for sale - $1000 Excellent condition Quilter Steelaire 200 watt 15" Combo amp for steel for sale. Includes the Remote leg mount controller, and ballistic cover. Amp is 100% working condition and has only been gigged a few times. Super loud and clean tone. Paid $1578 in August 2016. Yours for $1000 plus ...
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Mullen Discovery Not sure what the wait time on a new one from thre Factory would be..But I have a Brand new One with 4&4 ( 4th Franklin) Both E's on RIGHT leg Plus 3" Armrest. Guitar being sold as new...with 4th pedal and Armrest Paid $2445.00 I will sell for $2300 shipped._________________Jory Sim...
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1984 Mullen 3 and 5 for trade Looking to trade my solid maple body Mullen for a D-10 or U-12. _________________If you succeed in cheating someone, don't think that the person is a fool. It's just that the person trusted you far more than you deserved.
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Mullen S-10 pre-rp Mullen S-10 $3000.00 plus shipping - 3 Pedals, 4 Knee Levers. It has a Lawrence 710 installed and comes with the standard Mullen pickup. I also have a D2F cover for it. The body and a half design give the stability of a double body for those who are more comfortable on a single frame. Its a great...
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Mullen G2 D-10 8x5 (#0190 - 2011) . $4250.00 For your consideration is a VERY nice 2011 Mullen G2 D10 8x5 (Serial #G190) with Mullen case. This steel is sporting two Bill Lawrence 710 split coil pickups and was professionally wired with a coil switch under the guitar without extra drilling (see pictures). The addition of these BL710 picku...
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Excel Superb 12 String $900.00 Shipped i... I was going to build this as an experimental guitar but I just don't have time so I'm clearing it out. You get the guitar, 5 pedals, (25) Excel bell cranks, and 3 knee levers that are attached to the guitar. The existing knee levers are currently RKR,RKL,& CLKR. You'll need legs, a pedal bar, p...
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Mullen IN THAILAND Sunburst D-10 in , 8x8 D-10 Mullen Sunburst for sale IN THAILAND The 8 pedals + 8 levers have a soft feel when engaged and the tuning is precise. The serial nuber is 2457; it was built in Dec 1992 and previously belonged to Wayne Pauley, Forum member. It has been played very little since i've parked it ...
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Red Mullen G2 SD10 For Sale: Red Mullen SD10 G2 with 4 pedals and 5 Knee levers. Also has Bill Lawrence BL705 pickup on it with the standard grey carpet Mullen case. Case is in excellent condition as it was never used. Ser. number is G018. $2700 shipped in continental US. Paypal plus 3%
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2016 Model Mullen G2 Silver Sparkle!! MINT CONDITION!! 2016 Model Mullen G2 in Silver Sparkle Wrap with Lacquer Finish. Also has black trim on the front. I'll have to get the serial # tomorrow. Barely played. Only taken out of my house once to a steel jam. I played it a few times in my smoke free music room, but its mostly been sitti...
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Mullen SD10 I bought this Mullen new about a year ago and attempted to learn this "math problem on 4 legs" only to become frustrated and put it back in its case where it has been for the past 9 months. This guitar is in immaculate condition and I've come to grips with the fact I need to stick to guitar and ...
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Mullen Telonics Volume Pedal Selling a Mullen Telonics Volume Pedal in very good working condition with the power cord. Some wear marks on the front face of the pedal, otherwise in great condition. $315.00 shipping included (US lower 4
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Goodrich 120-Fully Restored Aluminum Model... This is my last restored Goodrich 120 I am selling. She was completely disassembled with new Clarostat pot, teflon wire, etc. New skid pad on top and new rainbow tape exactly like Goodrich used. The guys at Goodrich were even kind enough to send me a new decal for the front. $150.00 Shipp...
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96 model mullen sd10 4x5 tommy white setup $2,650
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MCI, Mullen, and Carter Parts For Sale Carter Parts 4) Brand new Carter std height legs. these are complete and will work on most guitars. . the price for this package is $150.00 which includes shipping across Canada and the USA lower 48. 1) Carter vertical knee lever assembly, this can be used with most guitars...
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ShowPro D10 8X4 Nov/2014 $4100.00 $4100.00 For your consideration is a beautiful ShowPro D10 8X4. The year of this guitar is 11/2014 and is serial #158 This guitar has never been gigged by myself or the 1st owner, it really is a new guitar and there isnt a mark on her anywhere. Tone wise this guitar is exactly what...
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Christmas is coming early ....everything l... This stuff is all like new it as a lot and it could all ship right in the seat(except the nashville 400) I'm sure you all have that fiqured out Hahaha.....anyways everything is from a smoke free enviroment and no pets or funny smells.I will be happy to ship and to pay the shipping on the ...
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Fully Restored Goodrich 120 Aluminum I am selling one of my Goodrich 120 aluminum volume pedals. I took this one completely down and polished it, new grip tape on top, new rainbow tape, new decal from Goodrich, Clairostat Pot, and all new Teflon silver stranded wiring. Basically like a brand new pedal. The no haggle pri...
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Walker Stereo Steel complete package - 800.00 For your consideration is a Walker Stereo Steel. This amp comes with the Stereo Steel amp head and rack case, a Lexicon MX200, and two 15" black widow speaker enclosures. Good solid amp and tone is exactly what you would expect from this Walker Stereo Steel amplifier. These are great...
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Mullen in like new condition This Mullen belongs to my friend Bill Erchul and he would like to sell it for $2995 plus shipping, the guitar is in almost like new condition, _________________Billy Knowles STEEL GUITAR EAST Emmons authorized dealer and approved service technician my web site: http:...
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Wallace Truetone Pickup--17.5k Narrow Moun... Good Used 10 string Narrow Mount Wallace Truetone Pickup. 17.5K Resistance. 12 3/8 inch long pickup wire. Asking $65.00 Shipped _________________Keenan Friday Mullen Pre Royal D-10, Walker Stereo Steel, Hilton pedal, George L cables, Livesteel Strings, (White) Fred Kelly ...
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Subject Price Brand Price Found
A/E Baritone Guitar - Tanglewood TAB1CE $549.00 - 2 hours ago
Sierra Session S-12 (12/7/5) $2,500.00 Mullen 12 hours ago
Mullen G2 SD10 (2014) 4x5 $3400.00 - Mullen 17 hours ago
Mullen SD-10 (White) $2,000.00 Mullen 1 day ago
Quilter Steelaire for sale - $1000 $1,000.00 Mullen 1 day ago
Mullen Discovery $2,300.00 Mullen 3 days ago
1984 Mullen 3 and 5 for trade $12.00 Mullen 3 days ago
Mullen S-10 pre-rp $10.00 Mullen 5 days ago
Mullen G2 D-10 8x5 (#0190 - 2011) . $4250.00 $4,250.00 Mullen 6 days ago
Excel Superb 12 String $900.00 Shipped in lower 48 $900.00 Mullen 11 days ago
Mullen IN THAILAND Sunburst D-10 in , 8x8 $3,200.00 Mullen 12 days ago
Red Mullen G2 SD10 $18.00 Mullen 20 days ago
2016 Model Mullen G2 Silver Sparkle!! $4,500.00 Mullen 21 days ago
Mullen SD10 $2,400.00 Mullen about 1 month ago
Mullen Telonics Volume Pedal $315.00 Mullen about 2 months ago
Goodrich 120-Fully Restored Aluminum Model $150.00 $150.00 Mullen 2 months ago
96 model mullen sd10 4x5 tommy white setup $2,650.00 Mullen 2 months ago
MCI, Mullen, and Carter Parts $150.00 Mullen 2 months ago
ShowPro D10 8X4 Nov/2014 $4100.00 $2,014.00 Mullen 2 months ago
Christmas is coming early ....everything like new!!! $100.00 Mullen 2 months ago
Fully Restored Goodrich 120 Aluminum $150.00 Mullen 3 months ago
Walker Stereo Steel complete package - 800.00 $800.00 Mullen 3 months ago
Mullen in like new condition $2,995.00 Mullen 3 months ago
Wallace Truetone Pickup--17.5k Narrow Mount 10 String-- $65.00 Mullen 3 months ago