2016 Mullen G2, 8x8, $5000

10 months ago
Larry Hamilton
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Steel Guitar Forum
Amarillo, Texas, USA

My newest Mullen G2, ordered it and picked it up at the factory 1-26-16.
Over $1000 in upcharges.
Polish package, 8x8, chrome front apron.
705 RI pickups, very well loaded up.
Day setup of Terry Bethels copedent. He uses the Crawford D on the second string on the E9th. I also raise 1st and 2nd string to G#&E.
C6th is pretty standard with four knees
This is a players guitar. It has a little scratch in pedal board and wear on jeweling on the necks where my little finger rubs. I will show them in other pics not shown. These pics were taken when I got home.
Folks I am just thinning the herd. Too old and too many guitars and other things. BTW, I will have a PP up for sale soon. Nothing is wrong with this guitar at all. As a matter of fact I am playing it tonight one last time before I knock off the finger prints.
It is currently strung with Live Steel Strings, Franklin gauges. Im not going to change strings so that way you can put the strings of your choice on it.
Since Im not a good steel mechanic, too little patience, any copedent changes will have to be made be you or your mechanic. Sorry.
I am asking $5000 plus shipping or meet you within reasonable distance.
_________________Keep pickin', Larry

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