94 Mullen S-10 For Sale Best Price on Forum!!

about 2 years ago
John Wilson
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Steel Guitar Forum
Ventura, California, USA

Hi everyone.
Sorry b0b, I couldn't resist listing my prized S-10 Mullen recently acquired from Mickey Adams last year. I'm posting this mostly as therapy, because I need to find things to laugh about lately.
For those of you who don't know yet, my home and studio were destroyed in the Thomas fire that completely ravaged Ventura and Santa Barbara counties last month.
One of the (many) casualties of this fire was my PSG, which I loved, but 20 minutes of evac time was not enough to get her out the door.
With God's wonderful grace, we have landed well, and we will be rebuilding our home of 20 years.
We are upbeat and positive, even though I'll be taking a short break from playing for a while.
Guys, keep me in mind if you are going to be selling an S-10 around Summer time.
I should be back on track and looking to buy around that time.
Bless you all and thanks for letting me get this off my chest in my own way.
John in Ventura
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