For sale Brad Sarno Tonic preamp 400$

10 months ago
Mat Davallet
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
France (Vende)

Brad Sarno Tonic preamp. 12ax7 & 12AU7 tube preamp.
Incredible sound, make any steel guitar (or other instrument) amp a tone machine. 2 insert loop (one buffered for vol pedal) another rear for effect, tuner out, DI out, expand bass switch (incredible for deep bass on C6), impedance pot for pickup sound adjustment. and more..Reverb card option included (very nice plate type) . This pramp can be use on every guitars or bass with a great result.
400 euros. shipping not included from France.
_________________Mullen G2 SD10/Schild SD10/Nash400/lemay mod/Emminence neo speaker/Brad Sarno "tonic preamp"/Strymon bluesky/Telonics volume/Tonealigner pickup/

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