Mullen G2 SD-10

almost 4 years ago
Mullen G2 SD-10
Morton Kellas
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Steel Guitar Forum
Chazy, NY, USA 12921

Great guitar purchased in 2013.
This condition of this guitar is at least a 9.5 or better only because it is slightly used.
There are no body scratches or bumps as it has only been out about 6 times. This guitar has the polished package, Mullen stock single coil pickup, plays so easy and has the sustaining G2 sound, the case is also in excellent condition. I have received more compliments on the color of this guitar than I have on any other steel I have owned, The blue is a bit darker than the pictures portray and it really looks great on stage and under lights.
Standard Emmons set up with splits on the vertical B-Bb and RKL 6th string G# to F#.
Floor pedal #4 raises string 1 F# to G# and string 2 D# to E. $2900 shipped in US. Steel is with me in Florida and will ship from here. MO or bank check.
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