Mullen Pre-royal Precison. D 8+8

9 months ago
Mullen Pre-royal  Precison. D 8+8
steve takacs
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Steel Guitar Forum
beijing, china via pittsburgh

I have owned Mullen this guitar for two years but it has been resting in the USA played only several weeks at home in the last summer..
It was purchased from Duane Duanard
and refinished by Forum member David Higginbotham who did a superb job.
I am only selling it due to four hip surgeries
that make keyed steels harder to play so I am going to shorter keyless steels such as the Kline.
It has split tuning on 3 E9
and 2 C6 strings.
Case is in OK condition.
Pedal 2 so slightly cocked
to the right but no problem playing with pedals 1 and 3.
I can not send until June
when I am back in the USA.
A $200 deposit will hold it if you are interested.
$3950 plus shipping from Fargo ND
Here is the link where
copedant, etc can be viewed: