Still lugging around a folding metal amp stand?

10 months ago
Kermit Monk
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Steel Guitar Forum
Greeneville, TN

Time to upgrade to a Mud Stand!
1. Mud Stand will not damage your amps grill cloth or tolex as you pack your gear in your car.
2. Mud Stand doesnt scratch up your cars interior or paint.
3. Mud Stand doesnt unfold as you are carrying your gear into a gig.
4. Mud Stand isolates your amp from hollow stages that can cause your tone to sound muddy.
5. Mud Stand tilts your amp to the optimum angle for the seated steel player.
6. Mud Stand only weighs 3lbs.
7. Mud Stand just makes your rig look really cool on stage!
We make a donation to the forum for every Mud Stand sold to a forum member.
ZB Custom SD-11 (4 & 7)
Mullen SD-11 (4 & 7)