1965 Sho Bud Fingertip D10 8x5

9 months ago
J. David Carrera
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Steel Guitar Forum
Los Angeles, CA

As I'm sure most of you know, the FingerTIp is one of the earliest designs of pedal steel.I bought this guitar because it seemed like most steel guitar greats played Fingertips at some point in their careers and now, half a century later the tone from these records is often the most fondly remember and sought after, such as Lloyd Green with Charlie Pride at Panther Hall. I've decided to sell it because I've got too much gear on my hands and I find myself only playing my S10.
This guitar will need tuning up. It's needs a stop for the RKR lever and the LKR lever is included but needs to be reassembled. The pedals operate as they should.
The pickups are original and the sound is all there.
$1800 + shipping & fees