2 IVL Steelrider Pickups 10 string

11 months ago
Jerry Overstreet
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Steel Guitar Forum
Louisville Ky

Got ahead of myself on this one. Don't have the necessary gear to put these to my use. I didn't do my homework before committing.
They are IVL Steelrider 10 string midi pickup/preamp units w/some design of mounting hardware and leg clips attached for the pre's. 8 pin mini din sockets that mate w/IVL Steelrider pitch to midi converter device. The units are number 1129 and 1133 suffix.
I'd like to get my money back out of them which is $75 shipped lower 48 for the pair which I thought was a fair price. Add $7.50 for Priority mail. Prefer not to ship outside of conus.
Since I can't connect them or have any way to test them, they are sold as is.
Here's a link to Ron's post where I just bought them.