'38 Ricky Lap Top For Sale - Super Sound

12 months ago
Mike Meadors
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Florida, USA

For Sale:
1938 Rickenbacher lap steel guitar.
Make offer.
Plays great and if you didn't know about these, you should go do some research.
One of the top lap steels you can own.
Ridiculous sound.
It can play pretty or it can SCREAM.
That's why I bought it!
Comes with cool original case.
In any case, I am in the process of buying some pinball machines so to keep my wife off my back (love her, but sometimes ....), I'm selling many of my amps and guitars.
Hate to let this go among all others, but I'm committed to getting some of this equipment out of the house.
This is not a fire sale.
I am looking for a reasonable market price, that's all.
You can email me at mjmeadors@aol.com for further discussion/info, etc.